4 Tips for Female Self-Empowerment!

Fact of life is that there will be people, things, and situations that challenge you. Your thinking, what you value and what you believe in will be tested. It’s up to you to decide the outcome and how you choose to handle each situation as it arises. Some strong women like Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia faced life’s challenges and now they are inspiration for others.

4 Tips for Female Self-Empowerment!

Once you decide to have a positive attitude and that you will see each challenge as an opportunity to grow into a better person, you have then taken the first step to becoming self-empowered; which means to give power, authority, and ability to yourself.

I would like to share with you what I call tips, tools and tidbits of information that will help you on your journey to becoming self-empowered.

Decide to clear your mind from self doubt. When you believe that a challenge can be turned into an opportunity, that’s step one. Allow yourself to focus on what’s ahead. Setting your goals toward a bright future can give you the energy you need to face any challenge and turn it into an opportunity for growth.

Let go of past thoughts and hurtful memories. Making a decision to forgive and forget a situation that has brought you pain in the past is the best way to move forward. Choose to let go of the “dead weight” of holding on to the heavy and mentally draining burden of negative emotions. Free that space in your mind for good memories and better times. Surround yourself with empowering tools. Positive books, CDs, tapes, magazines, websites, tv shows, videos, and more can all be great ways to keep you going in the right direction on your self-empowerment journey. Check out free resources like your local (and school) library to see the endless variety of self-help books, how-to guides, and other empowerment resources. You may be surprised at how much you will be inspired using these empowering tools.

Women in Law Enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement used to not only be a rarity but before a group of women in New York City sued for the right to become police officers, it was all but prohibited for a female to become a cop. Things have changed tremendously over the years regarding the attitudes about women in Law Enforcement. Not only are women allowed to be Police Officers, but agencies are actively seeking to hire females to benefit the force overall and the United States government, as well as other institutions, offers scholarships and grants especially for females looking to enter the field. Women like Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia always inspiring others to choose their careers as police officers. She is the first female to be appointed to this position. Her hands-on and innovative approach has helped make the Department an effective model of service to the community.

Women in Law Enforcement
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Nowadays, public safety jobs offer unique opportunities for women. In the post 9/11 era, many females have sought to fulfill their desire to serve their country, but many women are hesitant to leave the family behind. Law Enforcement offers the best of both worlds, the benefits of serving while being able to stay in the country. It also offers multiple employment opportunities in a less-than-stable job climate. Women are not only being considered for these jobs but chosen specifically for what they bring to the working environment.

Women improve the overall quality of a police force, including offering different ways of dealing with conflict. Women may not have the raw muscle of men, but their courage, inventiveness, and communication skills make them ideal for working in Law Enforcement. Many male police officers could learn much from their female counterparts. It’s been proven that size has nothing to do with being a good police officer and according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice; here are some facts to consider regarding women in agencies:

Women officers are as competent as their male counterparts.

Women officers bring skills and abilities to the job that facilitate cooperation and trust between police officers and citizens.

Women officers have a style of policing that relies less on physical strength, and they are less likely to become engaged in incidents involving excessive force.

Hiring more women police officers will improve an agency’s response to domestic violence against the women-the the largest category of calls to local police departments.

Increasing the number of female officers in an agency reduces sexual discrimination and sexual harassment in that agency.

From less than 2 percent in the early 1970s to just over 12 percent today, women continue to leave their mark on the criminal justice system and companies catering to Law Enforcement are paying attention.

Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia encourages women today to reconsider Law Enforcement as a viable career option. Most women never even consider a career in law enforcement, to begin with, due to their misunderstanding of the nature of the job, and the hostile and severe images portrayed in the media, the hope is, as attitudes within Law Enforcement change, so will the perception throughout society.

Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia | Why Is Fitness Important for the Police?

Every single kid who dreams of becoming a cop one day has the idea of a uniformed individual chasing a bad guy in the streets. At such a tender age, his impression of police work is much like his fancy for a superhero figure, action in the name of good. Well, that may be just a kid’s point of view. However, there is also much truth in that idea. Today, despite some abnormal cases of ill fitness, adults still tend to expect much from the police’s capabilities to catch suspects and fugitives in the name of peace and order. That, of course, entails a great deal of anticipation over the physical abilities required for the job.

Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia | Why Is Fitness Important for the Police?
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The sad thing is that many people also have the impression of policemen, especially those in big cities, as obese officers who are more likely to be found in the donut shops during uneventful patrol hours. This notion is even made worse by civilian comments on cops who huffed and puffed running after suspects only to lose them in the end. The impression, being widespread enough, has hurt the police’s reputation more than the scandals that rarely happen. The obese policeman becomes an object of ridicule instead of being a symbol of public trust.

Physical fitness is indeed important for police work. The job may require some brilliant mind work for solving crimes but, when it comes to finally apprehend a suspect to give justice to victims, physical fitness is as important as the sleuthing abilities. Good police work is not just about the investigation, it is also about putting the criminals behind bars.

In the police academy, trainees are given hours of physical fitness programs daily. The obvious reason behind that is to ensure that they are capable of meeting the demands of a physically strenuous job. Aside from the normal aerobic and anaerobic routines, which develop flexibility and strength, they are also made to run and deal with various obstacles in the field. With a fit body, they can easily do their training also in fighting skills such as hand-to-hand combat.

Policemen must ensure that they maintain a fit and healthy body even long after their academy days. As they age, the stress of the job can also become more heavy and demanding. Aside from the physical requirements to do effective police work, a fit body can also aid a policeman in having a good mental and emotional condition. Being fit gives them self-confidence, a necessity when dealing with people.

For the public to trust its police force, it is necessary that law enforcers are physically and mentally fit like Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia. In fact, maintaining a physically fit body is imperative and part of the disciplines that each police officer must follow. That can be done by making sure that, despite the irregular work hours; they can still find time to go to the gym for workouts. They must always put in mind that with a fit physique, they can gain respect from civilians.

The Importance of Law in Our Society

Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia

The law is important in the community. For any society that is looking for an opportunity to be peaceful and free of problems, the law is recommended. It is often designed by the society and therefore it is up to the members of the society to decide whether they will follow the laws or not. However, there are penalties for failing to obey it. It performs several functions that are important for the welfare of the society. The functions of the law include:

The Importance of Law in Our Society
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· Defending society from evil

The basic function of the law is to help protect us from evil. It will help to protect us from people who are looking for an opportunity to harm us for no apparent reason. Therefore, criminal courts have been created to help judge and pass sentences on people who have been convicted beyond any doubt for having engaged in acts that harmed us. Convicted persons can receive a sentence ranging from several days to a life sentence. On the other hand, civil courts are designed to deal with civil cases. The accused party is charged after it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they had indeed committed an offense.

· Resolve disputes arising from limited resources

As long as you have more than one person living together, be it in a family or community, disputes will often arise in the way a limited amount of resources are distributed. Therefore, every community needs a law that will help to resolve such disputes. This will avoid a situation where people are taking matters into their hands to resolve problems. The law ensures peace is sustained in the midst of different opinions.

· Promoting common good

The law does not only seek to get the accused to account for their evil actions. People living in a community where everyone is busy pursuing their own self-interest needs a law that will protect their common good. Such a community understands if people acted contrary, everybody would be worse off. Every member in the community must understand when the invisible hand of the law guides them by living life pursuing their self-interest and the interest of others, the community would be better off. Therefore, a community of self-interested actors needs a law to solve ‘Prisoner dilemma situations. In addition, the law helps to distribute property into private hands, property that would be exploited by every member of the community and thus preventing a tragedy of common situations arising. The law also prevents the community from acting on the natural desire to revenge for perceived or actual wrongs committed by other people.

· Encourage the community to do right

The law plays an important role in encouraging the community to do the right thing. It helps people to appreciate the need of doing right all the time. This explains why many of the laws in most communities contain a large proportion of moral laws — laws that are designed simply and purely to stop members of the community from acting immorally. According to experts, morality is enforced to preserve society’s cohesiveness.

Kimberly Byrd is the first female appointed to the position of Executive Officer in the Philadelphia Police Department. She is a role model for the people who work for encouraging justice.

Useful Information about Police

Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia

Police forces are government organizations charged with the responsibility of taking care of law and order and safeguarding the life and interests of the general public from harm. The term “police” was coined originally in France in the 18th century. The police are also often known as a constabulary. This term was derived from constables, who were an early form of police officers. A police officer only refers to those people who have been sworn in as law enforcement officers by way of the oath. It does not include civilian support staff that may be uninformed but have certain restricted enforcement powers.

Useful Information about Police
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Policing and law enforcement forms a single entity known as the Criminal Justice System, the others being the judiciary and corrections. Theoretically, each arm is independent in function and objectives from the others, although the judicial courts have legal oversight of both. Along with maintaining law and order and other service functions, the purpose of policing also refers to the investigation of suspected criminal activity. Referring to the results of such investigations and of suspected criminals to the courts also forms an important function. The duty of a police officer includes the protection of life and property. It also includes the prevention of crime and the detection and arrest of criminals. Apart from this, they are also required to enforce all laws, decrees, and provisions of the administrative code over which the police department has jurisdiction.

In the United States, there are compound levels of policing and law enforcement services. This refers to the federal police, state police (often known as state troopers or highway patrol officers), and county police (known as sheriffs, constables, metropolitan police, and some county police agencies). Along with this there also include special-purpose district police (parks, schools, housing, transit, etc), and local police. There are roughly 18,000 independent police agencies.

Kimberly Byrd is the first female appointed to the position of Executive Officer in the Philadelphia Police Department. She dedicated her life to encouraging justice.

A Policeman’s Impact in Our Lives

Kimberly Byrd, Philadelphia

When we encounter a “true” policeman, we always have that feeling of being safe and secured. This is because they are the right authority who can address our concerns most especially on matters of safety. They are our defenders whenever we are in trouble and are compromised. They can be trusted upon and we can easily call them when we are in need of help and assistance. We associate them as peace makers, defenders, crime respondents and heroes who are born to serve mankind. Now, let us take a look on the lives our police officers chose to live to.

A Policeman's Impact in Our Lives

A twenty-four hour service to the public is attached to the police profession. Whenever they wear their respective uniforms, they just simply tell their selves that any thing could happen to them. Along with their uniforms, is a vowed duty that they are ready to risk their life to protect any man the best way they can.

What are the roles that police officers have in our society? They are the ones who attend to different complaints of every people from those of the biggest concerns such as burglaries, killings, and wars down to the simplest and manageable ones such as petty thefts. Our police officers can also be sought for support and for backing up events and traffics. Furthermore, they can also be asked to help us in cases of missing persons or properties. As we might know, they do not really have a specific routine of their schedules as they can be called for duty if circumstances arise. They are faced with threats and danger and even putting their own welfare at stake. As they correspond to a lot of unfortunate happenings such as bombings, robberies, and gang wars, their lives are in great danger as well.

As we already have looked upon on how demanding a police officer’s life can be, we are much aware then that all these things they are doing are for one main reason. That is to maintain safety in every one, in every place, and in every circumstance. This is why they often have gadgets that may use in defending their selves and others. Aside from guns, some of our police officers carry a taser or a stun gun for this reason. They need such security weapons in order to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as defenders of the people and the society.

Moreover, the type of profession that they chose signifies much courage and strength. They have fulfilled their vows with the best of their abilities and with all their heart, passion and might; the word coward has no room in them. They are truly expected that they will do whatever it takes to fulfill their obligations in keeping us all safe and protected. With the work that our police officers have, it is therefore right that each of us should do our own share by simply showing them the respect that they fully deserve.

Kimberly Byrd, Philadelphia
Kimberly Byrd, a 25 years veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department was recently appointed to the position of Executive Officer by the Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson. She is the first female to be appointed to this position. Her hands on and innovative approach hns helped make the Department an effective model of service to the community.